Thank you for wanting to learn more about me!  I’m happy you are here.

I am Peggy Barnes, a woman on a mission to help people live a more intentional and free life.

Over the years, I witnessed so many people suffering from perfectionism, from comparison, from too much clutter, and from lies in their minds that were stealing their peace. So I decided to do something about it by cleaning out messy closets in homes and in heads.

Here are a few things I know and I want to share with you

  • Organizing is not a one size fits all endeavor
  • Your physical and emotional clutter did not appear overnight and it won’t go away overnight
  • There is hope, but you have to be ready to embrace the process of getting to a new beginning.

My mission is simple: Strategically guide people, through organizing, coaching and speaking, to make room for life by getting rid of clutter and by living with strong intention.

I regularly got “talks too much” on my report cards.  So I have channeled that energy into my blog, newsletter, and speaking.

Physical and emotional clutter are the subjects most addressed in my newsletter and blog because I know most of us suffer from the effects of it on a regular basis.  Through my newsletter and blog, I give you tips and truth about how to rid yourself of the clutter and the chatter in your head that is leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted.  (Pssst: You can subscribe to one or the other or both by clicking on the links).   I also connect with people through Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.  If you are not on social media and want to give me a shout out, email me…..I’m there, too!

One of my favorite things, in the whole wide world,  is speaking to groups of all sizes about clutter and the truth behind it.  I also have other things I like to talk about, so take a peek at my Speaking page for more information.  When I’m speaking I keep it real and we have a good time, but we talk through and walk through some harsh realities of life.  My message is hope-filled and will encourage and motivate you to move forward into a better, more intentional life.

So that is Professional Peggy.  What is real Peggy like?

I am from a big family, the 7th of 8 kids, so there was always something happening, but my mom managed to create order in our chaos. When I left home, I headed to Auburn University (War Eagle!) and earned my degree in Special Education which was useful for my work in Sales and Corporate Customer Service at Sprint Long Distance.

33 years ago I got on the roller coaster ride of marriage with my dear husband RB, who has a gift of making me laugh.  In 1990 I “retired” to the quiet life of being a mom to my three children, Koren (motherDSC_6901 to my G-baby Barnes), Banks and Whitman. Life was a whirlwind of cooking, cleaning, carpooling, and committees with a bit of tennis tossed in and an occasional indulgence in a good book.   Then I got my gang out the door and decided there were women out there who needed my help.

I love to laugh, spend time with family, hate to exercise (but do it anyway), wish I were crafty(but am sorely inept in that area), and have a real desire to see a lot of the United States (especially  if you could beam me there since I can’t stand riding in the car.)

I am competitive at just about everything, I have been accused of being Type A and ADD all in one sentence, and I love to learn new things.  I have hurt, been hurt, doubted I had any gifts or talents, been fearful in the midst of very trying circumstances and wondered how I was going to get out of some extremely dark days.  I have learned to lean on God and learned when you walk through the fire and face the pain, you do eventually end up on the other side, a better version of you.

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