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We do not live in magazines.  We all have a way of organizing that works best for each of us.  Organizing is not a one size fits all.  Peggy W. Barnes

You are here because:

  • you are overwhelmed
  • you are embarrassed
  • you don't know where to start
  • you can't see a clear path to less clutter

SO, here's what you need to know:

  • I've seen it all!
  • This is a judgment-free zone
  • Confidentiality is the cornerstone of my business
  • Creating individualized systems, that work for you is the name of the game.

What you won't see on my website.....BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

I can help you make any room look like a magazine, but that is not real life.  Life is messy.  Life is full of papers, stuff, toys, dishes, tools, craft supplies, clothes, office supplies, and much more. If I show you the pictures, it sets you up for unrealistic expectations and that is not what I want for you.

What you need is a way to organize that works for you, help to focus on the end result, and a clear path to help you clear the clutter.

Now, stop and visualize your kitchen, closets, attic, garage, office, bedrooms, and living spaces without clutter.  How does that feel?  Let's get you to that feeling......together.

How Does This All Work? 

Let's talk:

  • about you
  • your concerns
  • your frustrations
  • your goals
  • your expectations
  • your challenges

Then, let's:

  • figure out the next steps
  • create your goals
  • a strategy based on time, personality, and budget

Ways We Can Work Together


With this strategy, we work side by side, for you to learn what you need to do in order to gain control over your clutter. We also create new processes, that line up with how you think, in order to maintain your new clutter-free lifestyle.


You and I decide which area, in your home or office, is causing you the most angst.  We will decide on your "homework" or tasks to complete in an agreed amount of time.  After completion, we assess how it went and tweak.   We then agree on your next "homework" assignment and repeat the process until you have reached your clutter-free goal.

In Writing

We walk through and talk through the problems areas in your home or office.  at You will then be presented with a written, step-by-step action plan for you to implement.  This allows you to complete the organizing on your own time, using the tools I propose.  Of course, if you need support along the way, I am available!


Did you know de-cluttering and organizing can be done virtually?

Virtual organizing is for you if you are:

  • Self-motivated, but need accountability
  • You are on a budget, but want to get organized
  • You are able to send photos of your space via text or email.

Written Organizing Plan

With this strategy, I will look at your problem areas and present a written, step by step action plan for you to implement on your own.

Contact me today so we can start setting you free!


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