Testimonials – Peggy W Barnes


Due to the private nature of my business, confidentiality is non-negotiable, therefore, some testimonials will only have the person's initials.

Peggy has helped me in more ways than I could imagine.  She not only helps you clear out your stuff, but she also helps you clear out your mind.  I'm not sure what kind of mess I would be in if I hadn't reached out to her to get her help in all areas of my life.
D.A.  (Organizing/Life Coach Client)

Peggy's message was engaging, motivating and meaningful.  She had our group of 200 ladies mesmerized and entertained while presenting a powerful message.
Darryl Radford, Associate Pastor, Temple Church

To say she is a lifesaver is not a stretch. My life has truly been changed by the work I have done with Peggy.
A.H., (Life Coach Client)

Peggy Barnes is a great speaker and I gained insight into myself and motivation to focus more on what I really want and then take action. The presentation was clear and it was a fun day with a small group of women. Now I need to put into practice what I gained from this awesome class. Her approach is simple and practical, small steps at the time.
R.M. (Seminar Attendee)

Peggy Barnes held 63 women captive as she outlined the simple steps to mental clarity. Her heartfelt and humorous delivery kept the ladies of the Coastal Women's Forum spellbound. At the end of the evening, they were again raucously talking about weeding their brains!
Jane Maulucci
Coastal Women's Forum Networking Group

A truly awesome day that challenged my thinking on so many levels. Such great food for my brain to chew on. Changes for the positive already in my life.  Awesome always being with Peggy-her thinking inspires me so much. And motivates me no end. Brings me up out of the ditch.
P.M. (Organizing Client and Seminar Attendee)

I had so many people come up to me at church yesterday and even at lunch after church and tell me how much they enjoyed the day and especially how much they enjoyed you.   The comment "she was so real"  was one I kept hearing.  Peggy, you truly have a gift and I am so happy that you agreed to come and share it with us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here!
First Baptist WMU, Sanford, NC - Women's Retreat

Peggy Barnes changes lives.
D.H. (Organizing and Life Coach Client)

Peggy has an amazing gift of organization!  She is so gracious and makes overwhelming tasks simple and fun.  My husband and I are so pleased with how our home feels now.
N.B.C. (Organizing Client)

Whether she's helping you organize your closet or plan your next big step, Peggy is a talented businesswoman.  She keeps life simple and makes life better!
J.W.W. (Organizing Client)

“Peggy is a delightful, engaging speaker who loves the Lord and loves sharing her thoughtful tips and strategies for making your home and your life a little more organized.  Our Mother’s Morning Out ladies enjoy her workshop each time she visits.”
K.W.B., First Baptist Church of New Bern

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