Confessions of An Organizer – Closet Clean Out – Peggy W Barnes

Confessions of An Organizer – Closet Clean Out

Ok.  I am about to open up myself to you, just like many of you do with me.  

I am going to show you my closet… a minute.  

I hope my closet says several things about me when you look at it:

1.  I am not a perfectionist, even though I am an organizer.
2.  I live in real life, like all of you, and my closet can become a mess, just like yours.
3.  I had to schedule time, just like you, to attack the closet clutter.
4.  I know I have too many shoes 🙂 
5.  I have several things in my closet that do not belong there.
6.  My husband and I share a closet, so not everything in here is mine. 
7.  I want my closet to be neat and functional, but it does NOT have to look like a magazine. 

What I found in my closet:

1.  Clothes that are adorable, but have passed their time with me.
2.  Clothes I paid good money for that I don’t like anymore.
3.  Shoes needing to go in the trash or donate
4.  Clothes, good for one occasion, I will NEVER wear again
5.  Tags – why can’t I just go throw the tag in the trash when I tear it off? (note to self – put a small trash can in your closet – pronto)
6.  Thread – I had a whole Ziploc baggie of thread…….I don’t sew!
7.  Dust.  Yep, dust on the runners of the drawers, behind the drawers and on the baseboards behind the clothes.
8.  Memories – some good, some not so good.
9.  Hangers.  I hate hangers.  They become a tangled up mess!
10.A dowel rod with a magnet.  Yeah, not sure, but I am sure it had something to do with my two boys!

Things I was reminded of or learned in my closet:

1.  I like a lot of my clothes.
2.  I have aged out of many of my clothes.
3.  I had a lot more to get rid of than I thought.  I thought I de-cluttered my clothes pretty regularly, but apparently I was not ruthless enough.
4.  I didn’t have to think really hard about getting rid of most things.  I had a gut feeling about an item and if I really stopped and paid attention to my gut, I knew what I wanted to do with it. 
5.  When I was putting the clothes back in the closet, I was able to get rid of a few more things.
6.  When I was organizing the clothes to take to donate, I took two things out of the donate pile and put back in my closet…..2 out of about 100 is not so bad.   
7.  I had too many dadgum socks.
8.  I make a BIG mess when I organize – nothing new, but I think it threw my husband for a loop. 
9.  I loved getting rid of stuff that no longer served me.
10.I am thankful to have a closet, clothes and shoes to wear and the ability and time to get it cleared out.  

Through the next several blog posts, I am going to walk you through the process I went through to de-clutter and organize my closet.  Please comment below, if you have any questions……I would love to hear how it is going for you. 

So here is the beginning picture of my closet – 

Here is a link to my Closet Clean Out Process and my Closet Clean Out Final Results

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