Snow, Snow, Snow – Peggy W Barnes

Snow, Snow, Snow

It is snowing here, in Eastern NC.  For many of you reading this snow is no big deal, however, here in Eastern NC, it is a very big deal.  When we get snow, it shuts us down.  Schools close, roads and bridges close, businesses close and we come to a screeching halt!  

This kind of weather makes me think about so many things:

1.  How thankful I am to have a warm home

2.  How much I miss having my children home to play outside and come in to warm by the fire and drink hot chocolate when they were ready for a break.

3.  How magical a world can look dressed in white.

4.  How each snowflake is only one but as a group it can create quite the scene (hmmm, a lesson in there somewhere)

5.  How sometimes I just need to stop…..stop and be thankful for what I have.  Stop and be in the moment and not thinking about all I have to do. Stop and appreciate the beauty of this world…whatever the season, whatever the weather.

So, I am signing off now… just watch the snow and drink in these moments. 
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