Taking Down Christmas Decorations – Step by Step – Peggy W Barnes

Taking Down Christmas Decorations – Step by Step

It is that time of year…..you have enjoyed the Christmas decorations but now it is time to take them all down.  

Here is a step by step process of how I attack my “take down”.  Hopefully you will find something here you can use while putting your decorations away. 

 Gather all your “like” items together. Your “like” items will be boxed together so it makes it easier to attack one box at a time when you are putting them up this year and when you are ready to decorate again next year. 

 You can see, from the pictures below, the “like” items I have:  Santas/decorative items, stockings/pillows/tree skirt, Nativity sets, framed Christmas photos and plaques, dishes, books, window lamps, window greenery, bows and outdoor spotlights and cords.     

Then it is time to box each of the items into their “labeled” boxes.  I wrap the fragile items in tissue paper I reuse each year or tissue paper I keep from the pile left over on Christmas morning.  
The bulbs of the window lamps are separated into a ziploc bag to protect them.    

Each year, as part of my Christmas decorating, I use decorative ribbon tied to lamps and candlesticks. To store my decorative ribbon, I wrap several pieces around a toilet paper roll or a cut paper towel roll and secure the end with a paper clip.  I then store them in a ziploc bag to keep them fresh 
from year to year.  
Lastly I attack the tree.  That is in my next blog post…..so go get the decorations done then come back and read about “tree take down”! 

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