The One Thing You Can Do To Make 2016 Great – Peggy W Barnes

The One Thing You Can Do To Make 2016 Great

Have you ever noticed how you wake up one day and a whole month or year has passed! Life is speeding along at an ever increasing rate and you are just muddling through and moving mindlessly from one day to the next.  

So how do you change that trend? 

Live with intention. 
Live deliberately.  
Pay attention to the moments.  
Plan your day.  
Adjust your plan when your day doesn’t go as planned.  
Live with gratitude – focus on the good.
Quit sighing so much.
Don’t project into the future.
Do things afraid.
Keep the main thing the main thing
Know your end goal in life and live accordingly
Do what you can with what you’ve got
Quit wishing your life away
Quit waiting for the next “stage” of life.
Make yourself focus

Life can be lived a better way……more intentionally and more purposefully.  You can make that happen, now go to it! 

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