Accountability and Why You Need It – Peggy W Barnes

Accountability and Why You Need It

You have great goals for 2016, admirable, exciting, realistic goals.  You are ready to attack them and are sure you are going to do it this year.  So, what usually happens to all of us? We bloom early and fade fast!  So, how can you keep your momentum when you start to wane in your commitment?   Accountability. 

The concept of accountability is a proven strategy to help people achieve their goals.  
Think about it – Weight Watchers, Alcoholics Anonymous, Personal Trainers, Business Year End Reviews.  All of these and many more are ways groups, companies and individuals have accountability.  When we are transparent in what we are trying to achieve and have someone cheering us on, we are more likely to continue to work on a goal.  When we are trying to reach that goal on our own, we are less likely to be a strong cheerleader for ourselves for very long.  

Personally, I am working on getting 10,000 steps in each day as part of my weight loss and health goal.  I have friends who have the same exercise band that counts our steps.  I can see their total number of steps and they can see mine.  I can tell you, when I see I am falling behind, in my number of steps it motivates me to get up and go take a walk!  

What are your 2016 goals? 
Who can you get to help you?  
Who can you find to be your accountability partner?  

It can be as simple as checking in with someone each week,  or finding fitness friends to challenge each week, or finding a professional you can be accountable to.   

Whatever your goal, there is someone who helps you reach it……now go find them. 

In the comments below, let me know what your goals are and who you have as your accountability partner.  We can encourage one another!  

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