The One Thing You Need To Do To Get Organized – Peggy W Barnes

The One Thing You Need To Do To Get Organized

Ok.  Here it is.  The magic bullet you have all been waiting for.  You only have to do ONE thing to get organized…..just ONE!  

What do you think the ONE thing is?  Throw away all your stuff?  Buy cute bins, boxes and organizing tools?  Never buy anything?  Make sure your house looks like a magazine?  Spend all your free time organizing and cleaning?  

Well, as you can imagine it is none of those things.  So, what is it?  

DECIDE.  Yep, that 5 letter word……decide is the main thing you have to do to get organized.   Deciding begins in your mind and your mind controls your behavior. So, once you really decide, the behavior will follow.  

You have to:

Decide you are going to commit the time to get organized.
Decide you are going to commit the resources you need to get organized.
Decide what your goal is about getting organized.
Decide this is important enough to push through even when your motivation wanes. 
Decide to focus on keeping what you value.
Decide to let go. 
Decide what is important to you. 
Decide what you want others to deal with when you are gone.
Decide how you want to live your life – managing stuff or enjoying people. 

Once you decide, really decide, the rest begins to fall into place.  You are resolute in your pursuit and you will do whatever it takes to get to the place of organization and peace.

Are you ready to do the ONE thing?  Are you ready to DECIDE? 

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