Confessions of an Organizer – Messy Rooms – Peggy W Barnes

Confessions of an Organizer – Messy Rooms

This post deals with a time in my life from a couple of years ago. 
Enjoy the confessions of this organizer. 
Well, here it is……the truth. Not all organizers are always organized. Many people tell me they would be embarrassed to let me in their homes. They think that my house is constantly organized and put together. I decided it is time for the truth. I decided it was time for me to let my ugly secret out…….my house can sometimes be a mess, too! Here are some pictures of two of my rooms. Now, in my defense, these rooms really got like this in October, November and December. In these rooms are the signs of a busy time, good for me, bad for the rooms.
Let me also say, sadly, these rooms were not staged, this is really what they looked like – really!

 In September, I held a shoes, clothes and purse sale.  I had over 200 pairs of shoes, 60-70 purses and other items that I was selling for my clients, .  In October I had to get ready to go to a festival to sell some products I was promoting.   In November and December, along with working during the week in my de-clutter business, I worked, on the weekends at a kiosk we had in a mall that was located out of town.   All of this goes with trying to keep up with some semblance of house cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, and trying to be a good wife, mother, friend and oh, yeah, Christmas decorating and Christmas shopping.   So, here is the result;  too many things being thrown into two rooms and neglected, for a period of time.  
So, what did this respectable organizer do when the new year hit?  I  attacked those rooms and got them back to order.  I know, these two rooms are never going to be my “beautiful” rooms.  I have too many businesses going on in both of them for them to stay entirely organized all the time,  but, I do know that I need to get the unnecessary out so that I can find the necessary!  How did I de-clutter?  A little at a time and sorting like things together.  As someone said,  I began eating the elephant a bite at a time.   As you can see in the photos below, those rooms are back in working order.   I just wanted to let the world know…..organizers can be messies too, you are not alone.  Life is just life and sometimes it gets in the way of progress but that doesn’t mean you give up.  You work on what you can, when you can and eventually, you will get to where you want to be.  
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