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Helpful TO DO List/Not So Helpful TO DO List

Example of a NOT SO HELPFUL TO DO List:
Do taxes
Clean House
Buy gifts
Make calls
I see many a TO DO list that looks like the Not So Helpful TO DO List.  You will never be able to cross anything off that TO DO list.  It will feel and look like you never accomplish anything when in reality you are probably accomplishing a whole lot more than you realize.  Look at the example of the Helpful TO DO List and see if you can see the difference.
Example of a HELPFUL TO DO List:
              Gather donation receipts for taxes
              Organize kitchen utensil drawer
              Vacuum all rooms
              Order sweater for Mother’s Birthday
         Go to Target and get gift card for Sam’s birthday
Call Eye Doctor to reschedule appointment
         Call Sarah to see how she is feeling
         Call to schedule exterminator
The second list is a list of specific action steps you need to take.  When you look at the first list, you have to spend time figuring out exactly what step you have to take next.  When you look at the second list, your action steps are already in place.  The second list allows you to schedule your day more efficiently while crossing things off that dreaded TO DO list. 
Another option is to take the first list, do a brain dump, and put all the action steps needed for each item:
           Do taxes
         Gather donation receipts
         Calculate mileage
         Call Pharmacy for medication expenses summary
         Pull together home deductible expenses
        Organize kitchen utensil drawer
        Clean out boy’s seasonal clothes
        Purge gift wrap
        De-clutter my shoes
Make your TO DO list work for you instead of just mindlessly writing down things TO DO.  Make your list actionable, easy to understand and easy to schedule. 
Let me know how you’ve changed your list and how it is working for you.  
I love hearing from you! 

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