It’s About Time – Peggy W Barnes

It’s About Time


Time is odd. Time is finite. Sometimes you can feel time physically. Time is precious. Time is a commodity.

Consider one minute of time.  Just 60 seconds.
To a mother with a sick child, waiting for results, one minute can feel like a lifetime.
To the student taking a test, one minute of time feels like it passes in a flash.

To a school kid, summer is gone in an instant.
To the woman in labor pains, one minute lasts forever!

To a family member waiting on a deployed family member to return, one minute is equal to an eternity.
In those beautiful moments of family fun, time feels like it is rushing past.

Time is a precious gift and I see so many wasting so much of it.

Time is finite, whether the moments for you are rushing past or creeping by on a daily basis, it will end.

My wish is that we would all begin to pay more attention to where our moments, hours, days, weeks, months, and years are going.  One day we will all look back and wish we had taken the gift of time much more seriously.

Regrets are few when life is lived with more awareness and intention – make your time count.

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