It’s Your Choice – Peggy W Barnes

It’s Your Choice

I came to a huge revelation several years ago…….I have choices I never thought I had.
These choices have always been there but were buried under fear of the unknown, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of making someone mad, fear of looking stupid, fear of something being hard, fear of hurting someone’s feelings or my own lack of self-confidence. 

Choices are all around us each and every day.  Many of our options don’t feel like choices because they look hard or painful.  Have you ever experienced a choice in your life you knew was right, but you knew it would hurt?  Most of us have, but most of us choose the path of least resistance.  We don’t want to make that choice because it is going to be a bumpy road and is going to come with heartache and pain, therefore we don’t even consider it to be a viable choice.  

Right now, do you have choices you need to make?  Be honest.  Be true.  What are your choices…..all of them?  Not just the choices that appear to be less painful.  Not just the choices that are fraught with familiarity.  What are the hard choices?  What are the choices that will lead down a new unfamiliar path?  Those choices need to be given consideration for they could be the right ones.  

Your life is the result of the choices you make……..make them good ones, even if they are hard, it will be worth it.  

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