My Struggle – Peggy W Barnes

My Struggle

In order to do my best to remain transparent, I want you all to know that I struggle, too. There are several things I struggle with, but I want to share my biggest struggle at the moment and the biggest struggle I have had for years – losing 10-15 pounds. Those that know me and have seen me in person, would not say I have a weight problem and medically speaking, I really don’t have to lose weight, but the clothes in my closet are saying something totally different.  

While a 10-15 pound weight loss might not sound like a real struggle, it has been a consistent struggle for me and it is real.  All of our struggles are our struggles.  They don’t have to be worse than someone else’s struggle to be real. 

So, what changed?  Why am I all of a sudden going to attack this and be very intentional about the weight loss?

1.  I began to see the scale slowly creeping up, but I attributed it to many other things.
2.  I am 56 years old and weight is going to be harder and harder to fight.
3.  One of my life goals is to be as healthy as possible and carrying any extra weight does not align with that goal.
4.  PFF – Pants Fitting Factor!  My pants and skirts are telling the real story.  

How am I going to achieve this goal?

1.  Little by little.  I am making small changes in my eating, my activity and my thinking.
2.  I will celebrate the small successes and give myself grace when I don’t do as well as I should for a day.
3.  Keep the end goal in mind.  Fitting into my clothes and health! 

Do you have a struggle?  What is your plan of attack?  If you don’t have goals or a plan, how about picking one goal and working on your plan of attack.  We all have something we need to change, what are you going to focus on? 

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