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Set Apart

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As I have taken on this blog challenge, I have discovered so many new blogs and people.  I have seen posts about food, healthy living, family life, great deal discoveries, social media, emotional health, mommy life, essential oils, items made from the earth, spiritual growth, decorating tips, Bible crafts, Bible lessons, organizing tips and many more.  

As we near the end of this blog challenge, this is my question……how do we set ourselves apart?  What makes one person stand out more than another?   What makes you want to follow one person’s blog over another?  What draws you in?  What keeps you in?  
If this person is writing about healthy living and eating and so is another, how do you choose? 

I know I only have so many hours in a day and cannot follow and read all the blogs, posts, tweets and Facebook posts as I would like.  How do I choose?  How do I decide who has earned my trust and my respect?  

I want to grow my following.  I want to write more, share more and be more.  I am passionate about wanting to help people de-clutter physically, emotionally and spiritually so that they can live life with more purpose so how do I find those people and those people find me?

I would love to hear some thoughts and comments about this because I love to learn! 

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