Steeped in Clutter – How I Spend My Days – Peggy W Barnes

Steeped in Clutter – How I Spend My Days

I spend my days in clutter – talking about it, looking at it, moving it around, boxing it up, putting it up, donating it, throwing it away, recycling it.  I spend my days working with people who are surrounded by clutter – in their kitchens, garages, closets, dining rooms, living rooms, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, dens, attics, offices, and their minds.

I spend my days watching how people struggle –   Do I donate it?  Where?  Who could use this?  Will I need this again?  I paid so much for that.  I used to wear/use that all the time.  It is still in such good shape.  I think I’ll give it away, no, I’ll keep it, I don’t know what should I do?  My husband/wife says I should just get a dumpster and just start throwing it away.  I think I’ll keep this magazine because there was an article I wanted to read.  I’ve had that for years and haven’t used it, but I might start using it now.

I spend my days hearing their stories.  Hearing how they grew up.  Hearing how they arrived at this place of clutter and confusion. Hearing how much physical pain they are experiencing.  Hearing how unhappy they are in their marriages.  Hearing the grief they are experiencing over losing a child/a spouse/a sibling/a parent/a friend.  Hearing how embarrassed they feel over being surrounded by the clutter.  Hearing how they want things to be different, but are unwilling or are not ready to make the choices to do the hard work to get there.  Hearing the desires of their heart.

I spend my days holding those in pain.  Listening to those who have no one else to listen.  Caring without judging.  Walking through their past, their present and visualizing their future.  Working through their mindset to get to thoughts that will serve rather than hinder.

I spend my days knowing what is in store if they can breakthrough, work through and process through their clutter.  I spend my days knowing some will never get there and I ache inside.  I spend my days thanking God for those that do, knowing they are experiencing a freedom they’ve never experienced before.

I spend my days as an organizer and life coach.  Those that don’t have the struggles, my clients do, have little patience and understanding for those that do.  Those that do struggle with the clutter, in their physical surroundings, and in their minds, know the struggle is real.  Each piece of physical or emotional clutter has to be brought to light, held and a decision made.  The process can be long and arduous.  It can take time.  It can cost money. In the end, it can provide peace.

I spend my days trying to help people find peace……..what a great job.

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