The 5S System – What Is It and How Does It Apply to You? – Peggy W Barnes

The 5S System – What Is It and How Does It Apply to You?

The 5S system is a 5 word productivity system – you guessed it, all the words start with the letter “S”. The words are Japanese words and I will post them in Japanese, because of course that will make me look much smarter, with the English translation. 

This system is typically used in the workplace, but is easily applicable to home and life organization and productivity. 

Take a look at these words and definitions and see if there are parts of this system that could work for you:

Seiri 整理

Remove unnecessary items
Remove obstacles
Waste removal
Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items

Seiton 整頓
Set (Straigten, Streamline)

Arrange all necessary items so they are easily selected for use
Make workflow easy
Make it easy to find and pick up necessary work items.
Prevent loss of work or waste of time.

Seiso 清掃
Shine (Scrub, Sanitize)

Keep workplace clean and pleasing to work in
Keep workplace safe and easy to work in
Prevent machinery deteriation

Seiketsu 清潔

Maintain orderliness
Every process has a standard
Everything in its place

Shitsuke 躾

To keep in working order
Do without being told
Training and Discipline
Everything about this list screams ridding of the unnecessary equals efficiency and order. This is so true in all areas of our lives.  

Now go “Seiton” something! 

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