The Next Step…….YOU Have To Take It – Peggy W Barnes

The Next Step…….YOU Have To Take It

As I work with clients, as an organizer and a life coach, I find one consistent issue, not taking the next step.  Let me show you a little bit about what the next step looks like in my life and see if there is anything you can apply to your own life.  
The towel on the floor

Next step:  hang the towel up – time taken: 1 second
Husband’s clean socks on the floor
Next step:  socks matched up and in the drawer – time taken:  3 minutes

Hair Dryer and Straightener on Bathroom Counter
Next step:  Put hair dryer and straightener in drawer (even without wrapping the cord or making it look beautiful!) – time taken:  2 seconds

I have a goal I want to reach this year and I have it written down.


Next Step:  Schedule a few action steps that will help me reach my goal – 
Time taken: 5 minutes 

The biggest problem with next steps…..YOU have to take them.  No one else can take them for you.  You have to commit to doing what you have to do to get to where you want to be. 

Next Steps – the best way to reach your goals in life and in 
organizing your home. 
It takes less time than you think but it will take you less time if you do it now rather than taking all the next steps later.  

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