The Photos and The Stories Behind Them – Peggy W Barnes

The Photos and The Stories Behind Them


I stared at this beautiful photo of a couple I know.   Perfect setting.  Gorgeous couple.  Smiles.  Flawless.

I found out the story behind the photo.  Hateful conversations.  Bruises.  Tears. Anger.


I stared at the family photo, all dressed in shades of blue on the beach.  Laughter. Hugs. Perfection.

I found out the story behind the photo. Pain. Broken trusts. Lies.


There are so many of us who look at photos on social media and make an instant assessment of someone’s life.

Look at how happy they are.

Look at how sweet they are.

Look at that beautiful family.

Look at how gorgeous she is.

Look at how handsome he is.

Look at how cute their kids are dressed.

Look at that house.


We can just imagine their home life.  Clean homes, no yelling, happy meals around the table, playing games together, cooking together.  You know…..the perfect couple, the perfect family, the perfect vacation, the perfect life.


When we look at those photos and then we look around, we begin to be discontent.  We begin to see all the ugliness in our lives.  We begin to see the wrinkles, the gray hair, the old furniture, the old clothes, the temper tantrums in our children, the staleness in our marriage, the extra weight you and your spouse are both carrying, the financial struggles you have, the frustrations of not having it all.


I pray for this New Year you will not focus on what other people have but will focus on what you can do to make your life better.  Don’t compare…….live your best life.  Quit the envy…….start taking action in your own life.  Don’t look at one photograph and one instance and believe it is representative of the whole of a person’s life…… is not.


What you focus on will expand… attention to your focus in 2019.

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