When You Know What’s Coming – Peggy W Barnes

When You Know What’s Coming




A few mornings ago I went out for my walk.  I had nearly completed 2 of my 4 laps when I heard it, then I felt it…….thunder and rain drops.  I kept walking and pretending that the thunder was not coming my way, that it was too far in the distance, that I could keep walking and none of it would affect me.  If I ignored it, it would go away.  Well, I kept walking and the thunder got louder and the rain harder.  I finally went back to the house and conceded.

Do you do the same thing with life?  Do you know what’s coming and choose to ignore it rather than face it?  Do you continue to do the same things over and over, knowing you shouldn’t, and expect it not to have any effect on your life?

I see it all the time and have been guilty of it many times.  People choose to ignore red flags.  People choose to ignore the facts.  People doing exactly what they want to do thinking their choices will not impact their lives or the lives of others.   People unwilling to face their past, their current situation or their future and unwilling to do the hard work necessary for change.

I heard the thunder, I felt the raindrops and yet I kept thinking, it will go away.  It doesn’t and it didn’t. Within minutes, the sky opened up and the thunder was right on top of us.  The storm was coming, whether I was willing to admit it or not.  What storm is coming that you are refusing to acknowledge? Take the hard steps today to do what you can, before you get really wet.

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