Clutter and Your Relationships – Peggy W Barnes

Clutter and Your Relationships


Relationships, with the people we love and live with, are wonderful, but rarely a consistent walk in the park.

Relationships with clutter surrounding us are even harder.

Clutter not only affects the person doing the cluttering, but it affects those living in the home with us.

  1. Stress – clutter puts a lot of stress on a home because it is harder to find things, you are stepping over stuff, and you can’t have friends and family over. Not to mention it is hard to find a place to chill out and relax.
  2. Expansion– typically there is one person who is the “clutterer”. As time goes on, if there are children in the home, the problem multiplies.  This creates even more stress on the family.
  3. Arguments – When there is so much confusion, in the home, it is inevitable there will be a lot of heated conversations about the clutter. In most of these conversations, the other person, who desires to live in a more peaceful environment, never feels heard.  For many, the clutter feels like a sign that the possessions are more important than the relationship.
  4. Time – When you live in clutter, you rarely spend time doing what you’d like to be doing. You are typically focused on what you need to be picking up, clearing out, or you are keeping yourself so immersed in something else – Social Media, Netflix, TV, just to keep from dealing with the clutter.
  5. Money – Clutter costs. You are bringing more in.  You lose bills, which don’t end up getting paid on time, costing you late fees.  You are buying more of what you already have.  You are buying containers or paying for a storage unit,  to “organize” the clutter, all of which causes even more heated discussions.

So, how can you affect change for good when it comes to your clutter?

Establish agreed-upon clutter-free areas.

Talk honestly and openly about the clutter problem.

Talk with a therapist/counselor if needed.

I’m not saying there will be easy solutions and an overnight change, but with focus, intent, and hard work, you will find ways of improving your situation and relationships.  It will require compromise from everyone, but hey, isn’t that true about most aspects of any good relationship?

Do what you can, the best you can, when you can, in all areas of your relationships and you will find you are more fulfilled and so are they.  ~ Peggy W. Barnes ~



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