The Trail of Disagreements – Peggy W Barnes

The Trail of Disagreements

So, I woke up this morning, later than usual, and have had a slow start to my day.  I decided to quickly take a quick look at FB to make sure my post published correctly on my business page and then it happened; I took a left turn, went down the rabbit hole and started strolling down my FB feed. 

Here’s what I saw:

Open the economy back up.  It is going to be ok. Open the economy up too soon, we will undo all we’ve done by staying home.

The President, Governor, all elected officials suck. The President, Governor, all elected officials are awesome.

The virus is dangerous. The virus is a conspiracy.

I am enjoying staying home. I am going nuts staying home.

People are crazy not to wear a mask. People are crazy to wear a mask.

Businesses are dying. Businesses are thriving.

I have a great schedule for homeschooling my kids. I have no schedule and am on the struggle bus about homeschooling my kids.

I love looking at all the motivating things people are posting about what they are doing. Stop posting motivating things, you make me feel bad about what I’m not doing.

What is my point here?  There have always been differing opinions and there always will be.

Quit getting your knickers in a knot because people think differently than you do, it is a complete waste of time.  Not a soul on this earth knows everything about everything.  People base their decisions on the information they have and everyone will interpret this information in various ways.  And, I might add, you can typically find information to support the truth you are searching for. 

So, accept that there are differences in this world, own your truth, and figure out how to do your life the best way you can.   Disagree if you like…….it will not change my thinking or my world in any way. 

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