Crossroads – Peggy W Barnes


                              (photocourtesy of tiverylucky/

To decide is to walk facing forward with nary a crick in your neck from 

looking back at the crossroads.
 ~Betsy Cañas Garmon~
I am at a crossroads.  There are decisions that have to be made.  Crossroads are scary and exciting at the same time.  You feel like you are jumping off a cliff into the great unknown and not sure if you are going to have a parachute or not.

As a Christian, I place my hope in God who will provide the direction I need and will, if I am willing to listen, direct my steps. Sometimes, even though I believe God has my best interest at heart, I’m not sure I want to go through the essential tough parts of life to become the person I am designed to be.  I just want the path to be easy and obstacle free.  
I am at a crossroads.  I have to decide.
Indecision is not an option.

Thankfully I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
all will be well – no matter what.  

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