How Clutter Affects Your Stress Level – Peggy W Barnes

How Clutter Affects Your Stress Level


How Clutter Affects Your Stress Level

Clutter causes stress……period.

When you are surrounded by so much stuff, your stress levels are affected because:

  1. You can’t find what you need when you need it.
  2. There is just too much to take in visually and your brain is on overload looking at it all
  3. You are always thinking negative thoughts about the clutter – “I should be more organized”, “I am so embarrassed”, “I will never be able to get through all of this.”
  4. Creativity and productivity are inhibited by all the clutter.
  5. Truly relaxing is difficult when surrounded by clutter.

This month is National Stress Awareness Month.

Why not work on decreasing your stress level by de-cluttering your home, heart, and head?  Your home, heart, and head will thank you!

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