Managing Your Holiday Schedule – Peggy W Barnes

Managing Your Holiday Schedule

Managing Your Schedule During the Holidays

Managing time during the holidays can be a challenge, however, I encourage you to reframe your thinking about your schedule by realizing you can’t manage time, you can only manage you.

We all have the same amount of time and hours in a day.  The difference in each person’s day is how they self-manage those hours.

Here are a few ideas to help in managing your schedule and self-managing:

  1. Grab a paper calendar or a digital calendar.
  2. Block out the hours and times that are not flexible and are already set (work, appointments, practices, etc.)
  3. Write out a list of tasks. Prioritize each task and block out the high priority items on your calendar.  4. Once the top priority tasks have been blocked out, decide if the lower priority tasks deserve time on your schedule.
  4. Leave some free time and breathing room for those unexpected things that will inevitably come up.
  5. Don’t say yes to everything
  6. Eliminate distractions when focused on your tasks
  7. Be realistic about how long tasks will take you

“What gets scheduled gets done.” Michael Hyatt

Set aside the time to plan to save time, be more efficient, and be more in control of your schedule and life.

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