How to Donate/Recycle Old VHS Tapes – Peggy W Barnes

How to Donate/Recycle Old VHS Tapes

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VHS tapes, like all electronics are going the way of the dinosaur. What is the best way to donate/recycle these dinosaurs? Here are several ideas that might help you.

1. Some Thrift stores are still taking VHS tapes…..most libraries are not.

2. Use an e-recycler, like GREEN DISK, who does recycling of all kinds of techno trash.

3. Ask a teacher or daycare provider if they would like them.

4. Post the tapes on FREECYCLE.ORG and see if there is someone else that wants them.

5. Send your tapes to ACTSERVICES.ORG. This program provides services to individuals with disabilities.

6. Check out my Pinterest page for creative ways to recycle VHS tapes. Here are just two examples…..these people are way more creative than I am!

So, declutter and be creative in getting rid of the VHS tapes you no longer use. 

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