The Reinvention of Me – Peggy W Barnes

The Reinvention of Me

Webster’s definition of reinvention is:
to make major changes or improvements to (something)
to present (something) in a different or new way

I realize that all of life is about reinventing myself….defining and redefining who I am based on life experiences, inner revelations and maturity.  

I have reinvented myself many times……a child moving into Junior High (that is what we called it back in the day!).  A teen moving into a new high school. A graduate going into college and then into the working world.  A woman becoming a wife and a mother.  A stay at home mom becoming a working woman once again.  A mother moving into empty nest years.  A wife with a marriage that goes through crises and the day in and day out of daily life. Living on my own, living with my husband, living in a community, living with dogs, cats, fish and kids.  

Reinvention is exciting, uncomfortable and necessary as a part of life’s journey.  Today, I will see where this reinvention takes me and look forward to working towards a better version of me!

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