I Eat Salad for Breakfast – Peggy W Barnes

I Eat Salad for Breakfast


Yes, you read that right.  I love a salad for breakfast.  In fact, I’ll even eat leftover salad from dinner the night before.

Many of you reading this will say, “Yuck!  How do you eat a salad for breakfast?”

Others of you will say, “Yum, me, too!”

While others will say, “Breakfast? Who can eat breakfast?”

And even others will say, “Salad?  I hate salad!”

You might ask, “What is the point of you letting us know you eat salad for breakfast?”  I’m glad you asked.

There are so many responses to something as simple as what people eat for breakfast, so why do we expect our lives to be exactly alike.  Why do we compare our homes, our children, our bodies, our “smarts”, our jobs, our decisions, our organizing styles, our marriages, our religions, our thought processes, our childhoods, our cars, our clothes, our hair, our furniture, our exercise routines, etc, etc, etc?

I have found one of the quickest ways to happiness is contentment.  Contentment is found when we work towards being the best version of ourselves and when we quit looking around and begin looking within to work from the inside out.

In the words of John Mason, “you were born an original, don’t die a copy.”

Start today being the best version of you.  I for one am going to start by eating my salad.


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