Intentional Living – What Does It Mean and Are You Doing It?

Living intentionally has a different meaning to everyone you talk to.

For many it means:

  • Being organized
  • Having your life in order
  • Exercising regularly
  • Being perfect

I’m not saying those things aren’t important, but I am saying there is much more to intentional living. Things like:

  • Understanding why you are making the choices you are making each day.
  • Knowing what direction your life is going and where you want it to go.
  • Knowing your values so you can align your life with those values.
  • Getting inside your head to know what thoughts you are really thinking that are driving many of your decisions.

Intentional living is living your best life now…….no matter the circumstances, obstacles, or challenges.

Download this list of my 10 Great Quotes About Living the Intentional Life.

As a Life Coach, I can help you live life with more intention.



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