Staying In? Here Are Some Tasks To Help You Pass The Time – Peggy W Barnes

Staying In? Here Are Some Tasks To Help You Pass The Time

I don’t have time.

I’m just too tired.

These are two excuses I hear on a regular basis for not organizing or de-cluttering.  Well, some of you now have the time and are possibly more well rested than you have been in a long, long time.  So, what are some things you can do while you are at home?? 

  1.  Gather up important papers, scan them and/or file them away in a designated spot.  Do you need a list of the kind of important papers I am talking about?
  2. Talk with your lawyer about updating your will.
  3. Execute your advance directives.  There are state specific forms online, you can download and execute. 
  4. De-Clutter a closet
  5. Want to be outside – clean out the garage.  Our recycle centers, in Craven County, are still open.
  6. Back up your documents, photos, videos and other information from your computer to the cloud.  I use Carbonite for my cloud back up.
  7. Scan your photos to the cloud.  I use a company called Forever to store all my photos and videos. (by the way, this is an affiliate link)
  8. Clean up the photos/videos on your phone to create more storage space.
  9. Clean up your email inbox.

This is just a start, but just starting is important!  Take a little bit at a time and when all this is over, you will feel all the better for getting it done.

Stay safe, stay smart and stay hope-filled!

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