The Real Truth About Organizing

I am a Certified Professional Organizer.  Here are some truths about me. 

1.   My house is lived in.  Real life people live here so real life needs to happen here.
2.   I have a few stacks…..stacks of books, stacks of paper, and a pile of shoes.
3.   I have mismatched, handwritten file folders
4.   I have dust….more than my fair share
5.   I have a lot of filing that needs to be done
6.   I have too many clothes
7.   My car stays a bit of a mess, not out of control messy but messy
8.   You are likely to find a few dirty dishes in my sink and a counter that needs to be cleaned.
9.   I have unorganized photos
10. I struggle with staying focused.

Here are some other truths:

1.  I can find just about anything I need within a few minutes
2.  My stacks are a bit of my decor.  They are neatly stacked and I know what is in each stack. I      will schedule time to go through the paper stacks at least once a week.  
3.  Mismatched, handwritten file folders don’t bother me…..they work.
4.  My house is relatively picked up and I do a quick dust about once a week. 
5.  I file two times a year and because I don’t keep so much paper, that works for me
6.  I do have too many clothes….a goal for 2014.
7.  I clean the stuff out of my car once a week.
8.  I always put dishes in the dishwasher before bed or immediately upon waking in the morning
9.  I do have unorganized photos….another goal for 2014.
10.I struggle with focus but work very hard at keeping myself focused, which you can do when 
you talk yourself through and remind yourself to stay on task. 

Organizers are not perfect……we just have tools and systems that will help you get organized and stay more organized.  Real life is going to get us all out of whack, every now and then.  The key is being able to right the ship pretty quickly.    

Getting organized is one thing……staying organized is another but with small, manageable steps you can do both…..albeit not perfectly but excellently!  Now, I have to go wash dishes!

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  1. Your honesty is very refreshing. I always thought organizers had the neatest, spotless homes! I can relate to much of what you have shared here. Particularly 7. my car stays a bit of a mess, not out of control messy but messy. I'm often embarrased to give the neighbors a ride because you can always find files, shoes and an odd assortment of items in it. If it can't be found in the house, most likely it is in the car. I should work on bettering this in 2014. Maybe I will start tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are organized! It is a giveaway that "more of your share of dust" is neatly on a list in your blog post!!!

    I am really beginning to understand that the functionality is really the key beauty of being organized. I really like how your organized this post (and this time no pun intended). Your points come across directly. Thank you for sharing.

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