2014 – Not Just Another Year – Peggy W Barnes

2014 – Not Just Another Year

                                            (photo courtesy of stuartmiles/ freedigitalphoto.net)

Here it is ….2014.  Wow.  The last several years have been challenging, to say the least, and I seemed to go through them in a haze and a fog.  Towards the end of last year, I began to pay more attention to doing things more deliberately and spending more time with family and friends.  This year, I hope to do even more of that.  I don’t want 2014 to be just another year. This is my dash!  This is the time between my birth and my death and I don’t want the minutes to tick by without me being more purposeful, thoughtful and more mindful of other’s needs.  I don’t necessarily want to do more…….I just want to do what I do better and be open to where God is leading.

A new year brings new possibilities, new vigor, new outlooks and new opportunities to start over and be a better me!  So, bring on 2014……..not just another year for this gal!

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