Why I Do What I Do? – Peggy W Barnes

Why I Do What I Do?



I am a Certified Professional Organizer and Life Coach.  My job is to help you organize and simplify your life and mind.  Why do I do what I do?

1.  I have a heart for people who hurt and I have found most people hurt.

2.  I see how clutter of space and mind sucks the life out of people.

3.  I can see around corners…..I can see what can happen when you let go of the mental and physical stuff holding you back.

4.  I know how hard it is to break bad habits, but I also know the benefits of breaking those habits.

5.  I know how people do not like to move out of their comfort zones, but I know how necessary it is to move out of those zones to create the change needed.

6.  I know people are afraid to let go of stuff, whether it be physical stuff or emotional stuff.

7.  I know people have certain ways of thinking, but I also know paradigm shifts are essential for real change to happen.

8.  I can hear and see the disconnect in what people say and what they do.

9. I know when the process of de-cluttering has become too much.  I know how to break it down into little bite-size pieces allowing for small incremental change.

10. I see the overwhelm and the weight clutter places on people.

11. I know clutter in the home is usually a physical manifestation of clutter in the mind.

12. I know things can be better, but it requires hard work and tenacity to get there.

13.  I love to see the freedom that results in letting go.

14.  I have to pay bills, eat and put gas in my car.

I do what I do because I truly desire for people to live life more purposefully and freely.  I know it can happen – I’ve seen it and it is magical!

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