Writing Makes My Butt and Brain Hurt

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in the last 45 days, I have taken on a lot of writing projects.  I am working on being more consistent with my blog. I am working on some freelance articles.  I am working on an article for a magazine.  I am honing my writing skills and my butt and my brain hurt!

Writing is exhilarating, fun, terrifying, frustrating and challenging all at the same time.  While I am writing my blog, I am trying to think about the message I want to send so I think and I think some more – brain hurts!
While writing the freelance articles, I have to research and write and rewrite – butt and brain hurt!
While writing the magazine article I have to sit and tweak, cut words, change words, edit, edit and edit some more – butt hurts!

Writing is something I really love to do.  As Jeff Goins says, “you are a writer when you say you are.”  Well, I am saying I am so what am I doing about it?  Writing and writing some more.  You can’t write while walking around so you sit.  Some people can write while standing at a tall desk, but not me!  I would spend more time worrying about the fact that I am standing up all day and then my feet would hurt!  

My butt and my brain are engaged in activities out of the ordinary but that is okay; it is the kind of hurt that you know will all be worth it!  

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  1. I love the saying ""you are a writer when you say you are." Isn't that the truth about everything in life. Once we determine what we are, then we can take the necessary action to bring that into greatness – even if our butt and brain hurt doing it!! Amen! You go girl! Bring in your greatness!!! Healthy blessings,

  2. As a ghost writer I understand your pain. My go to solution is my kitchen stove timer set for 45 minutes. When it goes off I have to walk into the kitchen to turn it off. While I'm up, I grab a glass of water and play with the dogs for a moment.

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