New Year; resolutions; purposeful; deliberate – Peggy W Barnes

New Year; resolutions; purposeful; deliberate

Do I Really Want This?

I was sitting here talking with my little sister and nephew about what in the world I was going to write my blog about tonight.  We started talking about “stuff” since we did a thorough clean out of her garage today.   While we were talking I told her about my concept of purchasing……if you […]

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30 Day Challenges

                                (photo courtesy of digitalart/ think I have messed myself up…..not the first time.  I have been looking at some challenges that run for 30 days (sound familiar?).  These challenges, on the face of them, seem manageable, important for my

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It is the time of year where everyone is figuring out ways they can do better, be better, and look better.   One of the dangers, in this process, is when we begin to compare ourselves to others.  It is never a good idea for me to compare this 54 year old body to the

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