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10 Common Reasons You Can’t Get Organized

I hear it all the time…HELP!  I work and I work and I work and I just cannot get organized. I can give you 10 of the most common reasons why you can’t get organized. 1.  You are trying to organize like someone else thinks….not how you think.2.  You are trying to organize too much at one …

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Finding Clarity in the Clutter

Clarity in Clutter???? How can anyone see or feel anything but overwhelm and a mess when they look at clutter??Going through the de-clutter process can be very freeing.  It is like a physical weight has been lifted off your body.  While you go through your clutter, piece by piece, bit by bit, you become very …

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Seasons…..A Time For Everything

Yesterday, while talking with my sister-in-law, I was reminded of this verse.  What a great verse to remind us all that there are seasons of life and that we cannot stay in one season of life forever.We all grow older and can’t stay young forever. We all have very hard seasons of life that we go …

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Do I Really Want This?

I was sitting here talking with my little sister and nephew about what in the world I was going to write my blog about tonight.  We started talking about “stuff” since we did a thorough clean out of her garage today.   While we were talking I told her about my concept of purchasing……if you …

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