Do What You Know – Peggy W Barnes

Do What You Know

This is a phrase I often use with my clients and with myself……do what you know.  
Many times we have a lot of knowledge about something but are unwilling to take the steps needed to act on what we know even though it will most often produce positive results.  
Many people I know will sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-System,  buy all the weight loss books they can find and buy every magazine that has “LOSE 10 POUNDS BY TOMORROW”.  

Many people, including me, will read fitness magazines, tear fitness articles out of magazines, and my personal favorite is pinning those ab-busting, butt-toning, calorie burning and tricep trimming exercise programs to my PINTEREST Board.  

Many people I know will read relationship book after relationship book and yet 
nothing changes in their relationship.  

One of the things that tickles me, when working with an organizing client, is the number of “GET ORGANIZED NOW” books and magazines that they have stashed in numerous places in the house.  They also have all the “GET ORGANIZED” products, still in their original packaging.

All of this to say, while these things are not bad to read and study,  the question is are you willing to take the next step?  Are you willing to do what you know about losing weight, about working out, about your relationship, about organizing or about any other area of your life?  Many of us want the magic bullet.  We want the formula.  We want the easy way to get some of the hard things done.  

That is why I say, do what you know.  When you start doing some of the things that you know, you will in most cases achieve the results you want.  It won’t often come naturally or easily but you will never regret giving it your best shot.  

So what do you know that you aren’t doing? I am asking myself the same question today and hopefully will do some of the things that I know that will produce positive results in my own life.  

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