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bad habits

Time – Where Is Yours Going?

  Money I can only gain or lose, but time I can only lose. So, I must spend it carefully. ~Author Unknown~ Fact……We all have 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds in a day. There is no one anywhere that had, has, or will have any more or any less. So what are you doing with …

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10 DeClutter Tips

This is a room in my house, from a couple of years ago, when I had scarcely a moment to breathe. This room, like many of your rooms, became the catch all room; the room I could close the door and ignore. During this period of my life, so much was coming at me, that …

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The One Thing You Need To Do To Get Organized

Ok.  Here it is.  The magic bullet you have all been waiting for.  You only have to do ONE thing to get organized…..just ONE!   What do you think the ONE thing is?  Throw away all your stuff?  Buy cute bins, boxes and organizing tools?  Never buy anything?  Make sure your house looks like a …

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Confessions of an Organizer

I am a Certified Professional Organizer….sounds impressive right???  Well, here is the truth about me: 1.  I can still be a messy Millie.  Check out this photo of my current work area.  Yes, it all makes sense to me, therefore, I am organized but it is still, nonetheless, messy.  2.  I do not have my …

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Are You Going The Wrong Way?

I was recently traveling on I-95 going South.  I had to exit off I-95 and merge onto I-20.  I saw the signs for I-20, felt like I was paying attention but all of a sudden, something didn’t feel right and my gut instinct was telling me I had missed I-20.  I don’t have a GPS …

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You Always Have Time…..

When we look at our daily life. the quote, in the photo above, says a lot and can strike a chord in many of us, Can you list the things that you say you don’t have time to do?  ExercisingEating RightSpending time with our friends, family or spouseGetting organizedI am not judging or condemning anyone because …

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10 Common Reasons You Can’t Get Organized

I hear it all the time…HELP!  I work and I work and I work and I just cannot get organized. I can give you 10 of the most common reasons why you can’t get organized. 1.  You are trying to organize like someone else thinks….not how you think.2.  You are trying to organize too much at one …

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