Ever Had a One Sided Fight? – Peggy W Barnes

Ever Had a One Sided Fight?

                                    (photo courtesy of foto76/freedigitalphotos.net)

Several days ago I got my knickers in a knot wondering why someone hadn’t done something they were supposed to do.  Then my mind started racing.  Had I done something wrong?  Did this person not want to work with me?  What was I missing?  Why hadn’t she called back like she was supposed to?  

Do you ever do that?  Have things running through your head because someone didn’t text you back, email you back, call you back, invite you somewhere, posted something on a blog, FB page or Twitter?  

Those are one sided fights and conversations.  You end up pouring all your energy into something that is probably nothing.  The person probably forgot to call, email or text or didn’t see the need for a response. The person probably had something else come up or life just got in the way.  Your perception of their post on FB, the blog or twitter is completely wrong based on preconceived notions or ideas you have.  Rationally I know all these things are possibilities, but instead I let my mind get going and before you know it I am in a full out, full blown fight…….in my thoughts and in my head! 

One sided fights are usually really only one sided – the other person has no idea there is an issue of any kind and the fights are usually a huge waste of time and energy.  It pays to take the time to wait some things out, wait to see the real outcome, instead of the imagined outcome in your head, and deal only in facts, not perceived or imagined conversations or emotions. 

So what happened to my one sided fight?  The woman finally called back, her husband had a medical emergency, all was resolved and I felt……stupid.  

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