Wedded Bliss? 29 Years Married and Still Going – Peggy W Barnes

Wedded Bliss? 29 Years Married and Still Going


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Today is my 29th wedding anniversary.  29 years ago, when I said “I Do”, I had no idea what life would hold in store.  Choosing who you do life with is no small matter.  When you are a wide-eyed, naive 25 year old, you have no idea what you are saying “I Do” about.  Oh, I know…..they give you a heads up in the vows with the words in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and for better or worse.  However, until you have had to live those words, you have no idea what they really mean.  

“I Do” are two simple words, just three letters, that are packed full of punch.  Those three letters are hard to conjure up when the rubber hits the road and better goes to worse, richer goes to poorer and health moves into sickness. Wedded bliss?  No.  But doing life…..yes.  

I’m certain that 29 years ago I found a great man to do life with.  It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t always been fun, but what part of life really is?  What it has been is together.  Together, we have fought, persevered, laughed, romanced and imperfectly loved our way through.  My forever years are his……as long as he will have and hold me.

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