Do I Really Want This? – Peggy W Barnes

Do I Really Want This?

I was sitting here talking with my little sister and nephew about what in the world I was going to write my blog about tonight.  We started talking about “stuff” since we did a thorough clean out of her garage today.   While we were talking I told her about my concept of purchasing……if you buy it you are responsible for it. 

If you buy something you have to consume it, dust it, give it away, store it, or use it.  When you are buying any item, you need to ask yourself, do I really want to be responsible for this thing?   
Being deliberate about your purchases is one of the main steps in the de-clutter process. 

So, as you go through the next several weeks and months, pay attention to what you are buying… you really want to be responsible for the thing you are buying?  

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