Lost Luggage – Peggy W Barnes

Lost Luggage

I traveled by airplane, this week. To get to Birmingham, AL from North Carolina, I had to go through Baltimore…….south to north,north to south. In the process I lost a  of luggage.  There is nothing like lost luggage that puts perspective on what you value. Underwear lost…….replaceable.  My purple sweater I love…….replaceable.  Tennis shoes……..replaceable.  Boots……irreplaceable.  When I realized my luggage was lost I could quickly assess and verbalize what I was most upset about losing.  

In your own life, can you assess what you would miss if you lost it and identify what you truly value?  Being clear about those things allows you to surround yourself with only those “things” that you value and love. 
Lost luggage……… A lesson in clarity, perspective and beloved boots. 
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