Magic Bullet – Peggy W Barnes

Magic Bullet

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Several conversations, over the last couple of weeks and months, have prompted this post.  People, as a whole, are looking for a magic bullet.  We are all looking for the easiest way to get in shape, lose weight, get organized, feel more peaceful, get through rough times, have the perfect, romantic filled marriage/relationship, raise the perfect, well-adjusted child, the best work environment and a fabulous spiritual journey.

I, being the killjoy that others have claimed me to be, am here to tell you a secret…….there is no magic bullet. I do believe  there are great strategies, out of the box ideas and systems that will help you be successful in all of the above and one should seek out information and knowledge, but you have to be the one to actually implement the ideas, systems and strategies.  The bottom line is 99% of the time it takes hard work, tenacity, and the get-up and go to press in and press on

There is no magic bullet, but you can do what you need to do to have a better day, a better marriage/relationship, a healthier weight, a healthier lifestyle, a more organized home/office, a more well behaved child, a great spiritual life and a better work life.  You would be surprised just how much of your success is up to you.  You just have to do what you already know how to do.  Do what you know…..that is the magic bullet!

P.S. I really am not a killjoy….really I’m not 🙂

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