One Size Fits All? – Peggy W Barnes

One Size Fits All?

I know you have seen them.  The shirts, the underwear, and the gloves that state……one size fits all.  This statement is so ludicrous to me.  When I look around the world, I see a lot of shapes, sizes, heights and looks and I cannot imagine the same underwear fitting my bottom as they do other bottoms!  Now, let’s just say for a moment that technically they fit.  That is a totally different story about whether I should be wearing them or not!  

Sadly, many of us have bought into the same mentality about a lot of things.  We think others should act like us, think like us, like the same foods, have the same desires, the same interests, and the same attitudes.  I see this all too often in my organizing and life coach business.  Someone says, “but so and so got herself so organized, what is wrong with me?” or ” so and so moved on so quickly, why can’t I?”  I ran into this the other day when someone looked at me and said “you don’t like pancakes?  Who doesn’t like pancakes?”  Believe me, I love a lot of foods I shouldn’t, but pancakes are not on the list. 

We all have different life experiences, different backgrounds, different lenses from which we look at things, different tastes, different approaches, different personalities,  different values and of course, let’s not forget, different shapes.  Life is not a one size fits all and we are not either!  Let’s don’t forget to look at our life like we do our shape when picking out clothes.  One size does not really fit all and even if it did, it doesn’t mean we should put it on.  

Freedom is found in being the best version of you……not the you trying to fit into someone else’s life… is just not attractive or true when we are trying to be someone or something we are not!
One size does not fit all and God bless those that think it does……not a good look 🙂
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