Love/Hate – Peggy W Barnes


                                                          Love / Hate designed by Valéry

I have a love/hate relationship with so many things.

1.   I love to eat…..not always really healthy stuff.  I hate the pounds and inches it adds to my       body!
2.   I love to visit family.  I hate the travel it requires for me to get there.
3.   I love to play internet games – yes I am guilty of indulging in Candy Crush and Scrabble!  I hate when I allow them to be time suckers
4.   I love to read.  I hate I cannot stay awake long enough to finish reading.
5.   I love my “smart phone”.  I hate the way it can keep me too connected.
6.   I love looking at the deer in my backyard.  I hate they use my bushes and plants as their     personal food buffet.
7.   I love my persistence.  I hate my persistence when it won’t quit persisting. 
8.   I love my house.  I hate the upkeep.
9.   I love saying hello.  I hate the fact I have to say goodbye. 
10. I love writing.  I hate when the only thing I can think to write is what I love and hate.   

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