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Math….It Really Is Important

  The other day it hit me…..a lot of the things I do are based on basic math principles. Here are several examples: If you want to weigh less you have to eat less junk food and exercise/move more.   If you want to have less clutter, you have to bring in less and get rid […]

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It’s Constant

The word “constant” has been creeping up in my vocabulary a lot lately.  Talking to mothers about motherhood….it’s constant.  Talking to wives about marriage……it’s constant.  Talking to people about work…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about relationships…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about bill paying…’s constant.  Talking to people about staying organized…….it’s constant.  Talking to people about

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You Always Have Time…..

When we look at our daily life. the quote, in the photo above, says a lot and can strike a chord in many of us, Can you list the things that you say you don’t have time to do?  ExercisingEating RightSpending time with our friends, family or spouseGetting organizedI am not judging or condemning anyone because

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Wedded Bliss? 29 Years Married and Still Going

  (photo courtesy of  Arvind Balaraman/ Today is my 29th wedding anniversary.  29 years ago, when I said “I Do”, I had no idea what life would hold in store.  Choosing who you do life with is no small matter.  When you are a wide-eyed, naive 25 year old, you have no idea what you

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