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Why My Refrigerator Stays Bare

By Peggy | March 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Why My Refrigerator Stays Bare

Compared to most refrigerators I see, my refrigerator is pretty bare.  I have seen people who live alone with 2 refrigerators full of food.  I have seen families of 7 with refrigerators that are not stuffed.  No matter the number of people in your home, your refrigerator can still be stocked with what you need without excess. There are many reasons I keep my refrigerator this way.  We eat leftovers.  We eat a meal and if there are leftovers, we eat them for lunch, dinner or sometimes breakfast!  We eat what we make. I don’t mindlessly buy a bunch of food.  I look ahead at the week and know when I’ll be cooking. […]

Yard Work, Pruning and Thoughts

By Peggy | February 12, 2017 | Comments Off on Yard Work, Pruning and Thoughts

I have to admit to all of you, I detest yard work and my husband detests it even more than I do.  I am not good at it and I don’t enjoy it, but when I set my mind to something, well, it usually gets done.   Today, I decided it was time to attack an area of our landscaping and attack I did. This bush you are looking at is a beautiful Forsythia bush (not sure why I even know the name of it).  In the spring it is beautiful with yellow blooms.  When it was first planted, many, many years ago, it was the perfect size bush for this particular […]

Intentional Living – What Does It Mean and Are You Doing It?

By Peggy | January 22, 2017 | Comments Off on Intentional Living – What Does It Mean and Are You Doing It?

Living intentionally has a different meaning to everyone you talk to. For many it means: Being organized Having your life in order Exercising regularly Being perfect I’m not saying those things aren’t important, but I am saying there is much more to intentional living. Things like: Understanding why you are making the choices you are making each day. Knowing what direction your life is going and where you want it to go. Knowing your values so you can align your life with those values. Getting inside your head to know what thoughts you are really thinking that are driving many of your decisions. Intentional living is living your best life now…….no matter […]

Clean Off Your Desk Day 2017

By Peggy | January 9, 2017 | Comments Off on Clean Off Your Desk Day 2017

How many of you know it is CLEAN OFF YOUR DESK DAY?  Well, it is.  Hallmark just hasn’t jumped on board with a lot of hype, but us organizers love this day! Here are a few quick tips about how to clean off your desk effectively:  Take it off….take it all off.  I like to take everything off my desk and sort it into piles based on category.  Bills to pay, respond, take action, trash; whatever makes sense based on what is on your desk. Only put back on your desk what needs to be there. Find a home for everything that is running around your desk homeless.  If it’s there it […]

The Truth About Organizing

By Peggy | December 31, 2016 | Comments Off on The Truth About Organizing

  It is January 1st and I can bet at least 75% of the people reading this post have a resolution to de-clutter and organize.  As an organizer and life coach, I say go for it!  However, I will let you know there are some truths that you need to know before you begin. As the quote says, you need to start with your vision.  Your “why”. If you can identify that, decision making will be easier and your motivation will not fade.  Visualize the life you’d rather be living, then move towards that vision. De-cluttering is one thing.  Organizing is another.  De-clutter first.  Organize second. De-cluttering and organizing is not a […]

The Pain of Clutter

By Peggy | November 7, 2016 | Comments Off on The Pain of Clutter

  I have seen it more times than I can count…….the pain of clutter. I have seen it in the eyes of my clients when they realize how much “stuff” they have accumulated and the time and hard work it will take to clear it out.  I have seen it when they realize how much money has been spent and how much of their time and life has been wasted “organizing” and managing all of their purchases. I have seen it in the eyes of my clients’ children when they talk about the “stuff” they will have to deal with once their parents are gone. I have seen it in the eyes […]

The 5 Things I Do in the Morning

By Peggy | September 25, 2016 | Comments Off on The 5 Things I Do in the Morning

There are 5 things I do, in the morning, to start my day off on the right foot: 1.  Make the bed.  It takes less than 5 minutes.  The great feeling of walking into an orderly room, at the end of the day, is well worth those 5 minutes. 2.  Eat breakfast.  Those that know me know I do not skip meals.  I am hungry when I wake up and I know my body needs fuel for the day, so I eat!  I eat anything easy and fairly nutritional and in moderation – oatmeal, cereal, salad, chicken, eggs or pizza.  Obviously, I do not discriminate against eating foods at particular times of the […]

It’s Your Choice

By Peggy | September 25, 2016 | Comments Off on It’s Your Choice

I came to a huge revelation several years ago…….I have choices I never thought I had. These choices have always been there but were buried under fear of the unknown, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of making someone mad, fear of looking stupid, fear of something being hard, fear of hurting someone’s feelings or my own lack of self-confidence.  Choices are all around us each and every day.  Many of our options don’t feel like choices because they look hard or painful.  Have you ever experienced a choice in your life you knew was right, but you knew it would hurt?  Most of us have, but most of us choose […]

The Cure for Pain

By Peggy | September 21, 2016 | Comments Off on The Cure for Pain

  The cure for pain is in the pain – Rumi I heard the above quote a few weeks ago and it quickly resonated with me. I spend my days working with people who are in pain because of their physical and emotional clutter. People genuinely want to live a more fulfilling life but can’t because their minds and their homes are so cluttered with “stuff”. If you have lived any life at all, you know that in this life you will suffer.  In fact, I have come to understand that the suffering is what causes us to grow, stretches our faith, and can create a better version of ourselves…….if we let it.  If […]

Why I Do What I Do?

By Peggy | September 5, 2016 | Comments Off on Why I Do What I Do?

  I am a Certified Professional Organizer and Life Coach.  My job is to help you organize and simplify your life and mind.  Why do I do what I do? 1.  I have a heart for people who hurt and I have found most people hurt. 2.  I see how clutter of space and mind sucks the life out of people. 3.  I can see around corners…..I can see what can happen when you let go of the mental and physical stuff holding you back. 4.  I know how hard it is to break bad habits, but I also know the benefits of breaking those habits. 5.  I know how people do […]

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