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Set Apart

(photo courtesy of stuartmiles/freedigitalphotos.net) As I have taken on this blog challenge, I have discovered so many new blogs and people.  I have seen posts about food, healthy living, family life, great deal discoveries, social media, emotional health, mommy life, essential oils, items made from the earth, spiritual growth, decorating tips, Bible crafts, Bible lessons, […]

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Being Deliberate

A word I use, a lot in my business, is “deliberate” or “intentional”.  To me, this is one of the most important words we can use in our day to day life……let me explain. Thesaurus.com has several synonyms listed for “deliberate” intentional purposed aforethought planned calculated  thoughtful willful conscious When working with an organizing client,

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The Smartphone To Do List

(Apple.com) I have an IPHONE 4 so I do not have the latest and greatest of all things techie.  I do like my IPHONE 4 because it does what I need it to do but I am sure it will do more. I have used several things on the IPHONE that I love but today

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Time Sucker Neutralizers

Yesterday’s blog covered the subject of time suckers…..those sneaky little critters that stealthily come in and suck time out of our day and leave confusion and devastation in their wake! Today we are going to “re-cover” the time suckers and I’ll give you some ideas of how to keep them from attacking and destroying your

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Follow Through

 Following through seems like one of the most natural things in the world to do.  You start something and you finish it but that is not the case with a lot of, if not most people.     Lack of follow through creates enormous problems:    Don’t follow through on pursuing healthy lifestyle –  weight gain and

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Techie Things I Could Not Live Without (Well, Probably I Would Live Without Them But It Would Just Be Hard)

     I am a baby boomer that knows just enough about electronics and technology to be dangerous.  However there are a few “apps” and techie things that I really have grown to rely on to help me be  more efficient in many areas of my life.  I wish I could say I had grown

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