Margin in Life – Peggy W Barnes

Margin in Life

Out of Balance

                                    (photo courtesy of stuartmiles/ was meant to live in balance.  Is your life balanced?  If you assess your life in these areas, how satisfied are you in each area of your life:1.  Work2.  Health – Physical and Emotional3. …

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Finding Clarity in the Clutter

Clarity in Clutter???? How can anyone see or feel anything but overwhelm and a mess when they look at clutter??Going through the de-clutter process can be very freeing.  It is like a physical weight has been lifted off your body.  While you go through your clutter, piece by piece, bit by bit, you become very …

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Chapters of Life

The last couple of days my schedule has changed a lot.  I’ve had clients cancel at the last minute…….I’ve had some unpleasant details to attack……….I’ve had to manage my time a little differently than I normally would.  The last couple of weeks my life has changed a lot.  My last child went to college……….I had …

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