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It’s About Time

  Time is odd. Time is finite. Sometimes you can feel time physically. Time is precious. Time is a commodity. Consider one minute of time.  Just 60 seconds. To a mother with a sick child, waiting for results, one minute can feel like a lifetime. To the student taking a test, one minute of time […]

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Virtual Organizing

  Many people are in need of assistance to organize their homes and lives.  There is a way to get this done, no matter where you live, with virtual organizing services.  We work together via phone/email/Facetime or Skype to organize your space the way you have always envisioned. Virtual organizing works for self-motivated individuals who

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The Creep

Pictured above is a plant called Kudzu.  It is an invasive plant;  creeping, coiling, and climbing until it has taken over every square inch of the space surrounding it.  Kudzu doesn’t take over all at once.  It does it slowly and over a period of time. When working with myself and my clients, I call this “the

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Why a Life Coach?

Life coaching is one of those concepts many people have a hard time grasping. What is a life coach?  Why would I want a life coach? Life coaching is simply helping you get from point A to point B in your life. It is helping you identify your dreams and goals and find the steps

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Intentional Living – What Does It Mean and Are You Doing It?

Living intentionally has a different meaning to everyone you talk to. For many it means: Being organized Having your life in order Exercising regularly Being perfect I’m not saying those things aren’t important, but I am saying there is much more to intentional living. Things like: Understanding why you are making the choices you are

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